Fall Farm Stands



Skirt // Heels

I love wearing heels, even if I’m just going to a farm stand or Walmart. I like being 3-4 inches taller and if you ask me, it’s easier to walk in heels than flat shoes. While I’m sure I look ridiculous to everyone else, my heels are the most comfortable shoes I own. I have so many pairs of point toed pumps by Jessica Simpson. They’re super comfortable, never blister, grip to the ground and fit perfectly. I get so much wear out of my hot pink patent ones, white leather ones, and these patent taupe ones. I added a patent black pair to my collection recently and while they won’t be beating my hot pink pair in popularity anytime soon, they’ll be perfect for my winter outfits.

On a weekend home, I was on a mission to decorate the front porch. This meant going to three farm stands (Pippin Orchard, Confreda Gardens, Indian Rock Farm) in addition to Walmart and Home Depot. While it’s a little late in the season now, I found that Walmart was the most price friendly for pumpkins ($4.99 for a large), and Home Depot for mums ($3.99-$15.99, depending on size), while the farm stands had more gourds and unique heirloom pumpkins to choose from.



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