Christmas at the White House

IMG_0284 2

This is going to be the most photo heavy post ever. Back in early October, I requested a Christmas White House tour through my senator. I wish I did it earlier, because almost every date was completely full! Fortunately, we were able to get a tour this year.

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When we first entered, it was so crowded, and as we approached the presidential seal at the end, there was an actual line. So many people rushed through and out the door, but we took our time looked at every single decoration. At the end, my mom decided she wanted to go see a painting that was way back at the beginning, so she snuck back. After it became apparent she wouldn’t be returning anytime soon, Jason and I decided to go find her, and she was walking around empty rooms since everyone was gone! We went through the whole thing again, this time with no people, since the next tour hadn’t started yet. Nobody minded us being there since they had to stand there anyway!


We even took our time walking out of the White House. The wreaths outside were just so cute! I totally didn’t realize until after that I was wearing the unfortunate combination of plaid on plaid, but I don’t even care, it was fine.


Last year, I got these red tartan pants from Vineyard Vines and have worn them so many times since. They’re so festive and I just love them! My mom has the cutest tartan skirt to go with them so we can twin!


Pants // Sweater // Skirt // Booties // Earrings

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