Oh Christmas Sea

fullsizeoutput_81cIt feels so good to finally be home! I still have quite a few Christmas posts from when I was at school to get up, but this one can’t wait. Yesterday, Dad, Delila and I drove down to Newport to see the decorations and this Christmas tree on Second Beach in Middletown. I have no idea who puts the tree up every year, but it’s something I really love seeing!

IMG_1292fullsizeoutput_7e4fullsizeoutput_7d7This is the second year we’ve come and Delila always loves it. This year, she took her time sniffing the tree, ornaments and checking out other pups as they passed. For a dog who’s afraid of water/swimming, she loves the beach and the sand. While going through the photos after arriving home, I noticed that we tilt our heads in sync. So funny!fullsizeoutput_7e0FullSizeRender-1Fortunately, we hit a warm enough day where I was comfortable in just a sweater. I chose to wear this one that I somewhat regret buying because I find it to be pretty itchy. However, I love the green color and the crystal detailing on the buttons. I’ve noticed that all the sweaters from J.Crew this year are super itchy whereas last year they were all soft. What’s up with that? fullsizeoutput_81cfullsizeoutput_7d6


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