Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas! Today my family kept it low key with presents in the morning followed by prime rib. This year, we got Delila a bison flavored bone and it has already backfired. She is so materialistic. Every time she gets a new toy, she becomes so attached to it that she will growl and threaten to bite anyone who looks at her or gets near her while she has it. Tonight, after getting sick of listening to her growls, I rounded up all of her confiscated toys from over the years and threw them in her direction. She didn’t know what to do or which one to protect the most. When she jumped off the couch, all the toys had to go with her. Later, she was gnawing on her bison bone on the couch while the cat laid on the table by her head. All of a sudden, Delila looked at her toy, at the cat and at her toy again before growling and viciously attempting to bite the cat who was fast asleep, minding her own business. Looks like the materialistic doberman won’t be keeping the bison bone either!

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