An Old Town Christmas


A few weeks ago when my mom came down to visit, I decided that I needed a shoe rack. The one I have at home is from Lowe’s, and the nearest one that had it in stock was somewhere in Alexandria. This was the perfect excuse to take a drive through Old Town on our way there, look at the decorated stoops and Christmas lights. This area is my favorite. It’s so quaint and old, and very well thought out. There’s always somewhere convenient to park, unlike Georgetown and isn’t ever crowded. I love the small town feel. IMG_0433

Trying really hard not to get run over by a trolley!

Between the Christmas tree in the town square, the Christmas lights going down each street and the countless wreaths on lamp posts, Old Town was festive as could be. Mom and I decided to wear our matching moose sweaters since I can’t resist a good twinning moment. As we departed Old Town on our journey to Lowe’s, it began to snow flurry. IMG_0428


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