Looks of the Year

Looking back on my outfit posts from this year, I shared about 93 looks in some form or another. I thought it would be fun to do a post rounding up my 15 favorites of the year, especially since I find myself wearing many of them again and again!

  1. Coombs Covered BridgeIMG_6714
  2. Sitting on the SkylineIMG_7116
  3. Cupid’s CabooseIMG_7875
  4. Swimming in a Champagne SeaIMG_2133-1
  5. Coco Loca ToucanIMG_8990
  6. Tulips With a ViewIMG_2157
  7. Luxletic LillyIMG_3513
  8. Wandering WhaleIMG_4444-1
  9. Nauset LighthouseIMG_4986
  10. Castle HillDSC03409 
  11. Disney’s Bubblegum WallLRG-DSC09236
  12. Autumn Ochre4
  13. Christmas at the White House1
  14. Trucks and TreesDSC01353
  15. Tartan Breakersfullsizeoutput_7d1

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