This year was insane. I worked my butt off and am so happy with where I’ve ended up. A few highlights of my year:

I decided that I would graduate a year early and took 3 classes over the summer.

Studied for and took the LSAT.

Got into a top 20 law school (that was my top choice) after 15 days and got a nearly full ride to another.

Got straight A’s in all 40 credits I completed.

Child-proofed a pony.

Biked 1500 miles while home.

Scooped poop in public.

Repainted and re-decorated my bedroom.

Did school without my computer for a month after it randomly broke.

Took out 2 restraining orders.

Took 16 flights.


It’s crazy to list out all of that knowing it’s over. I feel like I spent the whole year worrying if I could pull it off or if I would do well on the LSAT or if any law school would take me. All the stress my inner perfectionist brought on myself definitely explains why I biked the 1500 miles, haha!

Although 2019 seems slightly daunting, after tackling 2018, I know I’m ready to take on everything that gets thrown at me. This coming year, I will graduate from GW, start law school, and probably be really stressed out. However, I feel confident going in because I have an idea of what it will be like. This time last year, I didn’t even know that I would be graduating early, never mind preparing to attend law school… All that came from an impulsive decision I made one morning! It’s crazy how much changes in a year and I can’t wait to see everything that 2019 has to offer!


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