Lilly in the Snow


Snow is something I’ll always have mixed feelings about. It’s beautiful to look at, until it sticks around for too long and gets gross looking. It’s fun to play in at first, but then you get sick of stepping in it every time you go outside. Cancellations due to snow are my best friend when it gets class cancelled, but my worst enemy when it cancels my flights.


After hoping for snow for aesthetic purposes and hoping for no snow for biking purposes for the entirety of break, I got the best of both worlds when a snowstorm hit DC… kind of. It cancelled my flight which really stressed me out, although I did make it back eventually. A few hours after landing, I was off to play in the snow. After spending a month in 15-25 degree weather, low 30s felt warm and the snow made it all that much better.



My snow day outfit consisted of my warm black coat, patent black hunter boots, jeans, a pink cable knit sweater and a Lilly Pulitzer scarf. I love finding ways to wear Lilly or anything colorful in cold of weather, and this outfit did both while still keeping me warm.


Hunter Boots // Similar Scarf // Similar Coat // Jeans // Sweater

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