Let’s Get This RED!


I finally feel like I’m back into a routine and feeling motivated. After spending the first two weeks of school procrastinating and sleeping, I’m getting work done, going on Well-Styled Adventures and having fun as much as possible. After seeing photos online of this white, circular, tube like footbridge in Navy Yard, I decided to go with a friend. Getting there certainly was an adventure, as we decided to metro. Getting to Navy Yard checked two firsts off my list: first time on the green line, and first time in South East DC. The former was not delightful at all. We somehow ended up on a yellow line train toward the Pentagon, where we were stuck for 20 minutes, after a train was mislabeled. Then, when we finally got on a green train, I realized how sketchy public transportation could be… but we made it! Walking out of the metro, I expected it to be a ghetto (I’ve heard bad things), but it was actually a nice area. The water under the bridge was dark brown and disgusting, but the modern covered bridge was adorable, especially in the golden hour sunlight. However, after the hour-long trip there, we learned our lesson and spent 15 minutes in a Uber back for the same combined price.


I’ve been in a very red and pink mood lately, what else is new. I love the way my bright red vest brightened an otherwise neutral look of a white cable knit sweater and jeans. My favorite part of this look, however, is my lip. I’ve gotten a lot of products sent complementary to me, but this is the first one that is actually good enough to post about. Loreal’s new Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Colored Ink is the perfect liquid lip.  It feels like a thin, smooth stain that seems to disappear while leaving a bright color payoff. The applicator is precise and I’ve found myself choosing it over my high-end lipsticks almost daily. The red shade I’m wearing, called “I Am Worth It,” is the perfect neutral toned red, looking just muted enough in the tube to look perfectly natural on.


Lipstick // Sweater // Similar Vest // Booties


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