Happy Birthday to me! Last night I flew home to spend my birth-weekend home with my family. While my flight was delayed 3 hours (!!!), I finally made it back. I had a fun, relaxing day with my parents and couldn’t be happier to be home.


I picked up these adorable metallic rose gold “21” number balloons from Party City and seriously struggled getting photos with them. Between the wind, trying to make sure they were saying 21 NOT 12, and that the 2 was facing the right way, my work was definitely cut out for me.


Last weekend I impulsively bought this top from J.Crew on final clearance at midnight. It was the last one left and Sleepy Cashel decided that she had to have it. It could have been horrible but ended up being the cutest thing ever! I love the bright true red color and the tiered lace detailing. Of course, my birthday outfit was not complete without my favorite white booties. They’ve gotten so much wear that I had to have the bottom of the heels replaced since I completely wore them down!


I’ve had the best 21st Birthday. I still do not drink, but am so happy with where I am in life right now. I have great relationships with family, friends and myself, and have set myself up well academically throughout the past year. 20 was a great year and I can’t wait to see where 21 will bring me!


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