A Mid-Semester Update


fullsizeoutput_15f9Somehow, it’s been about two weeks since my last post. It’s hard to believe that February went by that quickly! I’m almost through midterms and finally have a good idea what my life will look like next year. I picked my law school back when I was accepted in October, but didn’t completely solidify my plans until this week when I signed the lease on my apartment for next year.


School wise, this semester has been pretty standard. Since this is my fourth semester of having pretty much the same schedule for both school and work, and my final semester of undergrad (!!!), I have my rhythm down. Spring break starts next weekend, and after that, the weather gets warm and the semester flies. I’m actually almost done!


I’d say my semester has also been pretty standard socially. I still have my close friends, although I’ve had to let go of a few. Last fall, I wrote a post about cutting negative relationships out of your life and still stand by it 100%. Recently, I had to part ways with a friend after realizing that they weren’t in my life for the right reasons. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but knew I had to for my own sanity. Ironically, it happened the same day I found my apartment for next year. That night, I slept better than I had in weeks and woke up feeling energized.


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