No Place Like Home


It feels so good to be home for break and actually have time to relax and take my mind off school. The worst of it is definitely over and I’m finally at a point where I can sit back and let the semester bring me to the finish line. I’m so happy I decided to spend this week at home. My dark circles have gotten way out of control and rest is exactly what I needed. There really is no place like home and I love taking advantage of any time I can get here.


I’ve been having a fun week relaxing at home, spending time with the puppy. I’ve gotten together with a few friends, and gone on a few “well-styled adventures” (eye-roll). Yesterday, I went shooting with one of my friends and caught the sunset with my cousin. Later in the week, I’ll be going on a lighthouse road trip up the coast of Massachusetts. I’m so happy just to be home and wish I could prolong my trip a few days.


Sweater // Belt // Jeans // Booties

Delila’s scarf if a 20×20″ square of houndstooth fabric that we found at a craft store or Walmart!


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