Winter Sunsets

fullsizeoutput_2107I’m back with another short post today. I initially planned on combining this with my last one, but the sunset was so good, I thought it deserved its own post. I love how the sun is setting an hour later and the time is getting pushed back a little every night. It’s so nice that it’s light out later! Especially at school, there’s nothing worse than having to walk or commute home in the dark.


This time of year is so hard to dress for. I want it to be spring, already, but the snow on the ground keeps reminding me it’s winter. The days of Christmas and tartan have passed and I’ve about had it with all my winter outfits, so, comfort has been key lately. The other night when I went to find the sunset with my cousin, I debated putting real pants on and ended up not! Leggings, a chunky sweater, fuzzy socks, bean boots and my warm coat served as my look and did the trick keeping me warm. I can’t wait until warm weather when I can get away with throwing a comfortable Lilly dress on and look instantly put together while being lazy!


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