It Was All Yellow…


fullsizeoutput_3610Last night I flew home for Easter! I’m so happy to be home and be able to spend time relaxing with my parents, dog and cats. On the plane, I got through editing my 20 page paper and wrote another in 50 minutes, so I’m free for the weekend! When I get back to school, I only have two more days of classes before finals. It’s finally almost over!


Because this weekend was forecasted to be rainy, my mom and I got up this morning, got the dog in the car, and drove over to Parson’s Reserve in Dartmouth, MA. I went two years ago (see the post here), and the daffodils are just as stunning! Delila and I decided to coordinate in yellow outfits and my hat even matched her coloring. She had so much fun exploring the daffodils, sniffing babies and dragging me around. Her ears were up and a smile was on her face the entire time!


Hat // Sandals // Dress

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