Flywheel First Impressions… What’s The Point?

Today I tried my first Flywheel class, which was my first ever spin class. I walked in expecting to like it, and left questioning if cardio is even necessary.


I love working out. When I have my bike, I’ll do 10+ miles/day. I like running 2.5 miles a few times a week, ride as much as I can and power walk nightly. Exercise is my friend; it gives me energy and keeps me sane. Everyone seems to be obsessed with spin classes, and because Flywheel offers the first one free, I decided to give it a go.

I didn’t not like it, but I also didn’t love it. I would go back, but you won’t see me there everyday. The way the class is set up is very competitive. You work towards a score and the scores are broadcasted up on the screens periodically throughout the class. The class is a good challenge, although I decided to make it even more of one. I’m extremely competitive, so every time the instructor told us to go a certain speed, I would add 10 rpm to it or more. I think I pushed myself a little too hard and I can confidently say that I’ve never sweat more in my life. It almost felt like I was running more than biking, I guess that’s what spinning is.

I knew the room would be dark and the music would be loud, but I didn’t realize how loud the music was until I walked out of class and had a hard time hearing clearly. I wish I’d brought earplugs! Being exposed to that much noise, especially on a daily basis, can’t be good for you. The one upside to the volume, and the darkened room, was that no one could hear you gasping for breath or see you dying on the bike. I really wish they’d add a clock in the room, though, as not knowing how much time was left was a bit antagonizing!

After pushing my body way too hard for 45mins straight and sweating more than I could have ever imagined, I became extremely dehydrated, even though I was drinking lots of water throughout the class. I also didn’t get the runners high I always experience after any form of exercise and was tired and dizzy instead. I partially attribute this to not eating enough before hand, as I need to before doing literally any form of physical activity.

Now, 7 hours after class, I’m wondering if it was even worth it. Did I really need to push myself that hard? Was that really necessary? Do we even need cardio? I’m not trying to lose weight, and eat clean enough that I’m not concerned with burning mass amounts of calories (it actually burns less than riding an actual bike for the same amount of time). I guess I’ll have to wait to see how sore I am tomorrow to see exactly what the class targeted. Forms of cardio that are fun, such as biking, are absolutely necessary for physical and mental health, but pushing yourself in a loud, dark room isn’t my idea of fun and didn’t feel the best for my body. I think I’d rather spend a half hour on the TRX straps rather than sweating and exhausting my body for pretty much no reason.

Unless my abs are clearly visible tomorrow or I feel a notable change in my body after a few more tries, I will be giving up intense cardio for awhile. I really don’t think it’s worth it. I don’t work out to burn calories, and I think that mentality can be really dangerous. Working out is something that should make you feel good, inside and out. For me, it’s not about losing fat or being skinnier, it’s about getting stronger and keeping my body healthy. I know what works for me, and I’m not sure if spin classes like Flywheel fit into that.

Update: It has now been over 24 hours since my class and I feel absolutely nothing. No soreness, no fatigue. All that class did was make me extremely dehydrated and feel not good after, and for what? Nothing. I will not be returning!


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