A Week In The Life Of A GW Student

I’m so happy to be done with undergrad, but am less than thrilled with giving up control over my schedule. Next, year, I will be given a schedule rather than picking it for myself. My schedule this year was good, but definitely required me skipping class, a lot, to get through… but I still got straight A’s, HAHAHA!!!! This semester felt great because I could finally take the pressure somewhat off. I almost wish I did these every semester, especially when I was crazy busy doing student orgs or applying to law school. Here’s what my week looked like in my final semester as a GW (undergrad) student.


Monday: Sleep/ride/catch up on work in the morning, teach elementary debate from 3:45-4:45. For the past two years, Monday’s have been one of my favorite days. It’s relaxing, and the perfect way to ease into the week. It’s also nice to start my workweek by teaching the 1 hour class instead of two back to back classes. I’d usually go for a monument walk after dark to unwind before bed as well.

Tuesday: Class 8am-9:40pm. This was my rough day. I would start with 8-9:15am Sign Language, then go to 9:35-10:50 Social Psych (which would usually be me going back to bed). If I decided to get out of bed, I’d go to my 11:10-12:25 Clinical Psych class, if not, nap time would continue. Next, I would have my 1:10-3 lab for Clinical Psych, which I never missed as attendance was worth 1.5x the midterm. After lab, I’d take a short nap before going to my 3:45-5 Greek Classics class. Next, it was off to 5:30-6:30 yoga, before rushing home for meal prepped chicken and roasted carrots. Finally, I’d head to my last class of the day, 7:10-9:40 communications. Since this class was especially boring, I decided to make it interesting and boost my participation grade by acting like a complete crazy person. It worked and was entertaining, mostly for myself because I knew it was all a big joke, but also to others. After class, I’d go home and pass out.

Wednesday: Ride/sleep in the morning, teach two blocks of middle school debate from 2:30-5. I’d also go for a monument walk after dark to unwind and wear myself out before my “Friday.”

Thursday: Thursdays were basically Tuesdays, but without my lab or communications class. I’d always go to 8-9:15am sign language and would go to my second two classes (9:35-12:25) about half the time, depending on how tired or done I was. I feel that I must add I never skipped a class before this semester, and I really wish I started sooner. Especially when professors post lectures, I can’t believe I actually attended all the other lectures that had non-mandatory attendance… I could’ve been in bed/been getting ahead on work! Finally, I’d go to my 3:45-5 Classics class before working out, going for a walk, and going to bed.

Friday: My favorite day of the week, reserved for nothing but riding and Well-Styled Adventures. I would end up getting all my work for the week done this day, as well, so I didn’t have to study at all over the weekend. Prepping for exams in advance was key so the weekend of I wouldn’t have to stress, and could just wait until the night before to start reviewing my study guide. Working smarter not harder was a goal of mine this semester and it really ended up working out!

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