Spotted At The Wharf


I love a bold outfit, and this linen leopard printed set is no exception. Maybe it’s a little ridiculous, but I couldn’t have felt more myself when wearing it. I feel like a fierce leopard, lol! When I saw the set, I knew I had to wear it with my patent black heels, black cat-eye-heart sunglasses and a red lip. Such a classic combo! I’ve worn the blazer many times with a white tank and boyfriend jeans, and will wear the shorts alone many times this summer with a black top! They’re high waisted and so flattering.


While this look got many stares, I love it so much and decided to wear it for a night of swinging at the Wharf and out to dinner with one of my friends. I love the swings on the recreation pier. There’s a lovely view of the Washington Monument in the background (everywhere I go, there it is), and boats docked everywhere. The best part is that the water doesn’t look too brown! The swings are sturdy and fun for swinging, although I was very motion sick afterwards.


After swinging and spending some time wandering around the Wharf, my friend and I headed to dinner. Because it was a Thursday, we didn’t make a reservation in advance… bad idea. When we arrived, we were told it was a 40 minute wait, so I pulled out my phone and made a reservation for that exact time on the spot. We were instantly seated! Later, my friend went up to wash his hands and my other friend happened to track my location, walk in and take his seat. It was too funny! Later in the evening, I flicked a tortilla chip crumb off the table in an attempt to play table hockey (is that a real game?) and accidentally flicked too hard. The chip flew across the full restaurant and hit some lady in the butt! She didn’t notice and we laughed way too hard.


Leopard Blazer // Leopard Shorts // Black Heels // Sunglasses // Red Lip

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