DSC05167Today I finally graduated from GW with a B.A. in Psychology. It’s been a crazy 3 years and I can’t help but look back on how much has changed over the course of them. At the start, I had no idea what I wanted to do in terms of a major or career. I tried classes in nearly every department, and contemplated pre-med before realizing that I hate physics (1 and 2, why did I do that?) and do not have the right personality for that field. The one constant in my coursework for my first year was psych, because I enjoyed it so much in high school.


I’d toyed with the idea of law in middle school, and when I realized I thought science was stupid, decided to seriously consider it. The summer after my first year, I interned at a law firm and realized that I could see myself in that environment everyday. From there, my path was set; all I had to do was declare a major. Because I could major in literally anything, I turned to psychology. It was in my comfort zone, something I found interesting, and I was a good chunk of the way through the major already!


As my second year continued, I became heavily involved in student orgs and working to make resident life on campus better. Through this, I learned who my real friends were and who I could count on no matter what. Seeing so many snakes among me really motivated me to finish school a year early. Everyone told me not to, that college was supposed to be “fun” and “the best years of your life,” but neither of those things were true for me.


So many factors went into my decision to graduate early. Even the summer before college I was thinking about it, since I was coming in with so many AP/dual transfer credits. I dropped the idea while trying to figure things out, but ended up returning to it seriously the spring of second year. I realized that only 9 additional credits would be needed to graduate a year early. Conveniently, 9 was the maximum number of credits I could transfer in! It was meant to be.


From there, my summer classes and law school application process began. Before I knew it, I was sitting for the LSAT, getting accepted into GW Law, making arrangements for next year, and finishing up my final semester.  I can’t believe I’m finally done. It went by in what seems like the blink of the eye, although, at times, it really dragged on.


I remember how afraid I was to move to a new city far away from home. I chose GW over Boston College because of its distance from home and because of how far outside of my comfort zone it was. Even through last year I was unsure if I’d made the right choice, but looking back now, I absolutely made the right decision. I am happy with how these years have gone, that I was able to finish early, and with the future I’ve lined up for myself. I took these 3 years as an excuse to push myself out of my comfort zone and I’m so glad I did. Things I do every day without a thought now would’ve been terrifying and impossible for me at the start of school. Taking time to remember this is very reassuring thinking ahead to next year. Going to law school is going to be very outside of my comfort zone, although not as much as moving to DC for the first time was.


But college wasn’t a total pain! I did have a lot of fun and want to be sure to note the highlights. The best part of the past 3 years has been the amount of riding and horse related activities that I’ve been able to do.  I’ve also really enjoyed working as a debate teacher and coach. Going to the inauguration freshman year and getting my RBF in the New York Post as a result was hilarious. I made some really good friends and we all took a super fun trip to Disney back in the fall. The best class I took was Sensation and Perception; eyeballs are so interesting, and receiving my medal at graduation today from the professor (my favorite) who taught it was really nice!  And obviously, all the DC tourist things and Georgetown Cupcake made these years really something (yay for mocha fudge)!

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