Weekend Snaps

This weekend, my parents came down for my graduation and to bring me (and all my stuff) home. I fortunately got most of my packing done Thursday, so we had a good amount of time to run around DC. We ended up at the Jefferson, National Harbor, Georgetown and plenty of other spots. It’s so nice having a car! We’re on our way home tonight and it’s going to take 8 hours, yikes! While a graduation and commencement post is coming soon, I want to share a few snapshots from this weekend first.

How cute were the goslings at the Jefferson?! I can’t get over how their necks look too long for their little fluffy bodies.

The purple garden blooming near George Mason’s statue is so pretty this time of year!

On Saturday morning, Vineyard Vines for Target launched. It went live online at 3am, but I didn’t end up getting up and on until 5:30am. Almost everything was sold out, so I rushed to target for 8am in PJs and slippers! My dad didn’t believe me when I said we were going to Target and when we pulled up out front, he was shocked. I jumped out and ran inside and was able to grab everything I had my eye on, plus things for friends! The shoppers in VA were much more polite than the ones I encountered when shopping Lilly for Target.

After graduation, we headed to Georgetown and found this cute pink house. Roses were also blooming everywhere, so gorgeous!

And of course, we had Georgetown Cupcake a few times this weekend!

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