GW Commencement


Sunday was Commencement. It ended up being over 90 degrees and sunny, and because they made us arrive an hour early to bake in the sun, I started to get dizzy and feel signs of oncoming heat stroke. I do not do well in the heat or the sun (the overwhelming smell of alcohol from my classmates did not help), and knew that if I fainted, I would be sick all the way back in the car, which is not what I wanted. I was so hot that I did not feel good and practically fell over while standing as the ceremony began. I wasn’t really interested in listening to any of the speakers, and didn’t think hearing them was worth a sunburn or being uncomfortably hot, so after the national anthem as the dean began to speak, I got up, and walked out, right down the middle aisle. Fortunately, my parents and I made time to take family photos on the mall before hand in the morning light so I had no further reason to stay. Because everyone was down at commencement, campus was empty and we got some photos in Kogan before packing the car up and heading home.



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