My Preppy Graduation Cap

After not being allowed to decorate my graduation cap in high school, I was thrilled to decorate one for my GW graduation. I knew exactly what I wanted: a Lilly Pulitzer printed graduation cap to match my dress, with a vine monogram in the middle, a shoutout to Trump (we are in DC, after all), and pearls on the boarder.


I started designing my graduation cap by finding a picture of the Lilly Pulitzer print of my dress online. I cropped it into a square before creating my monogram. To do so, I downloaded the font “monogram kk” and typed and organized the letters in photoshop. Underneath, I typed my Trump shoutout in another font. I then exported the file, cropped it into a circle in the app PicsArt before adding it on top of the Lilly Print file. Make sure you have it so the monogram is diagonal, not vertical so it will be easily read when you wear your cap. Think of it as a rhombus, not a square!


I had the print printed out at staples. It took a bunch of tries and a special printer, but the guy finally got thee coloring just right! I had them do a 10×10″ square and then trimmed it down to size.  I started by hot glueing the print to the cap, before stringing together off pearl beads and hot gluing them around the boarder and the circle. I got the pearls from AC Moore in the 10mm cream color from the brand “Nicole Bead It” and ended up using about 160 of them.


I absolutely love how my cap turned out! From the dress coordination to the pearls, to the monogram to the political message sure to infuriate my classmates, this preppy graduation cap is too cute!


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