Things I’ve Been Loving

Being home has been so relaxing. It’s so nice to not have a giant list of to-dos, with the exception of everything that comes with moving into your first apartment… why is buying furniture so hard!? With my brain free to think about what is actually going on around me, I put together this list of things I’ve been loving. The below image coincidentally features a few of my favorites: APLs, Vineyard Vines x Target, and Lilly pillows at T.J. Maxx!


Lilly Pulitzer at T.J. Maxx: Ever since T.J. Maxx/Marshalls/Home Goods started carrying Lilly, I’ve become even more obsessed. I recently found a swim top, originally $68 for $20! Nearly everything is at least half off, including pillows! I can’t even tell you how many I’ve found, but the timing of my finds could not be more perfect as I need new pillows for my DC bed and couch!

APLs: I’ve finally found a cute pair of sneakers that are a decent dirt color! They’re so comfortable to throw on and run around. I can’t believe how supportive they are! I bought them on a whim when I saw them half off at Lulu Lemon and am so glad I did. The color pink I got matches everything and their lace-like look makes them suitable to be work with anything from workout clothes to dresses!

Shape-Tape Concealer: I stopped using this two years ago simply because I forgot to repurchase it. Last spring, I was on the market for a new concealer and decided to give it another shot. I love it even more this time around! It smooths you out, and perfects your under eye area. It actually makes me look less tired, and I have really bad dark circles.  I always bake it and it leaves a flawless finish that is actually cry proof!


My own bed: I’m so happy that I never have to sleep in a crappy, small twin bed again! I love my home mattress so much that I ordered the exact same one for my apartment. Plus, I found it on sale on! My bed at home is comfortable and cute and I honestly haven’t left it too much since getting home.


Vineyard Vines x Target: This collection knocked it out of the park, and I’m not going to be done talking about it anytime soon. I’ve been wearing and using my items non-stop! One item that particularly stood out: pet sized polo shirts. I can’t handle how adorable Delila looks in hers… that pink collar!😍

Rainbow Carrots: About a month ago, I started having rainbow carrots, roasted with garlic powder, pepper and olive oil as a snack/dinner and am still loving them! Their flavors are so much more diverse and interesting than normal carrots… I’m addicted!


My neighbors dog, Shelby: Yesterday when I got home, there was a very large pitbull mix standing at the bottom of my driveway. She was brindle and blended in with the woods, but I noticed her when she ran up to the car wagging her tail so we instantly stopped. She had no collar, but was the friendliest dog ever. I had my dad bring a leash and collar down as I didn’t want her running into the road, and the second she saw him, ran up to him wagging her tail and jumping around from excitement. None of the neighbors who were home knew her, so we kept her in the yard, hoping someone would turn up. I felt bad sending her to the pound, but since we have Delila, who is terrified of other dogs, and cats who feel the same (although she could be Angela’s twin), couldn’t keep her overnight. One of my friends is on the market for a dog, so I asked her if she’d want to take here for a sleepover until we could hopefully find the owner, since the dog was so sweet and well-trained. 20 minutes before she showed up, one of our neighbors who is also her owner knocked on the door. It was a good thing we didn’t send her to the pound, because she was a rescue who had lived in a pound and lost so much weight there due to anxiety. Now we know we have the cutest neighbor!




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