Finally Moving!

IMG_7158I have heat and NO ROOMMATE!!! Last Thursday, my mom and I drove back to DC to move me into my first not on campus apartment. I could not be living any physically closer to GW Law which is going to be very convenient this upcoming year! Moving is such a pain and I’m completely exhausted from it. I didn’t even do most of the work (my mom assembled my table and chairs, vacuumed/swiffered, lined and organized my cupboards, and dealt with the bed delivery while I was at the barn) but knowing that everything is still not 100% set a week later is so stressful. I’m tired and cranky so this post might be me passively aggressively expressing grievances, but that’s ok!

Speaking of grievances… this pizza was great but definitely gave me an allergic reaction. My lips got pins and needles before going numb!

I feel like this move was unnecessarily hard. Everyone who works at the building is so nice and helpful, which definitely made things easier, but dealing with getting internet set up, among other things, was a disaster. After all the errands I’ve run, I somehow still don’t have garbage bags, ugh. After just deciding to not show up the day they were supposed to, the internet company arrived pretty much unexpectedly when I wasn’t home, and then plugged the router into the one outlet that goes on and off with the light switch. So basically, I can’t have wifi when the light is off. They’re definitely going to come back to fix it, but I’m too cranky to be trusted to not completely curse them out on the phone right now.

IMG_7576Another thing that made this week absolutely awful was an issue I had with my door. Of all the things that could’ve been wrong with my apartment, I didn’t think the door would be one of them, but here we are! Fortunately, my building was super fast to address and fix the issue, but dealing with it in the first half of the week was absolutely miserable.  Basically, my door would not open unless body-slammed because it was too big for the doorway. I’m not an idiot, I know how to open a door, and I’m not weak either. If I shove something as hard as I shoved that door, it should move. I was not the problem here, yet, for multiple days, it took me over a half hour to try to get the door open. Half my body is now completely bruised from trying to shove the thing open, love that so much!!! 🙄

How cute is this mirror!!!

Issues aside, I’m very happy with where I’m living. I have plenty of closet and storage space and the layout of the apartment is well thought out, making a studio seem very live-able. My walk in closet is big enough to comfortable hold a full size inflatable mattress so friends and family can come visit! While my bed and other areas are set up, I’m still waiting on my couch and night stand. Once they arrive, I’ll be able to arrange my frames on the wall and be completely done! IMG_7754

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