The Parade Has Arrived

IMG_8888Because I hate crowds and being in the heat so much, my mom and I decided to walk down to Constitution this morning and be our own parade. Despite wearing a dress, I decided to tumble and do handstands on the road, and may have almost flashed a few people. Even super early, it was hot and humid.


Yesterday my mom got in, and ever since, everything has been a train-wreck. About an hour after her arrival the car decided to start turning off while being driven and bucking constantly. First we thought it was some bad gas, so we drove out of the city to get some stuff to clean the tank out, before filling up with some good gas. We then drive circles around a parking lot for a solid 20 minutes before driving back into the city, where the problem persisted. Then we thought it was the battery, which it was, so we got a new one. Butterfingers from the 12th and H Autozone managed to ruin our AC in the process, so for the remainder of the day we had no AC. We then went to another Autozone with more competent employees in another shady area of DC, where it smelled like marajuana. Driving with the windows down was probably not the safest option, but because it was so hot, we had to. The employee managed to tell us what was probably wrong with the car, but knowing it wouldn’t make it all the way back to RI, we decided to bring it to the closest dealership. Hopefully they can fix it!img_8781.jpgIMG_8831

So now we don’t have a car, which is not the best. My mom rode the metro for the first time last night and didn’t freak out, which is a plus! Tonight we’re going to watch the fireworks and eat cupcakes. I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th!

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