Summer in Stonington


After spending the past month working in DC, I’m finally home! This morning I woke up, immediately biked 5 miles, had pancakes, pet the puppy and the fluffy, put on the shoes that make me 5’9 and headed out to catch up with my friend, Haley. We drove down to Stonington Borough, CT, in search of hydrangeas, summer roses, and quaint (large) beach houses, and we found them! I’m so happy I got to find cute hydrangeas in full bloom.


The print of my dress, “hotty pink first impressions,” is the same one as the duvet cover I had all through college. While old, it is my favorite Lilly Pulitzer print of all time. Last winter, I decided I wanted to have a dress in the print (since I couldn’t wear my bedding) and went onto Poshmark in search of a used one. I found this one, and favorited it. Hours later, I was offered a private discount on the dress and the shipping; the deal was too good to pass up! I ended up getting it for over 70% off and it feels and looks brand new! It’s the cutest style, perfect cotton material and couldn’t fit any better. Paired with a wicker basket purse and my tall wedge sandals, this outfit is complete!


I’m completely obsessed with this pink Adirondack chair we found. It matched my outfit perfectly!



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