Sweet Pea City


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Here it is: my last outfit post of the Summer season. While the weather is forecasted to be in the 80s a few days this week, the air is feeling more like Fall and the leaves are starting to (slowly) change. The other day, I was aimlessly wandering down a road that I’d never been down before when I stumbled across this flock of sweet pea flowers. As the setting sun shone through their petals, I couldn’t help but get some photos. I wore a light pink lace top that is the perfect piece to transition out of Summer and into Fall. It is also the perfect spring top and I wore it last spring when I went to see the cherry blossoms. With the right jacket, it could also be worn into the winter. I paired the top with my white, scalloped shorts, white glitter Keds, tote bag and a brown belt. I love how the bag ties the whole outfit together as the straps match my belt and the white sparkly body matches the shorts and shoes.

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Checks, Pumps and Pillars

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With less than a week left living in D.C. until the Fall, I’m starting to think that I actually might miss it. Although I’m beyond excited to go home, it’s going to be strange not to be able to visit the Jefferson Memorial on a whim or be able to go visit Georgetown, a Smithsonian or even the White House at the drop of a hat. D.C. has given me a good first year. I’m excited to come back but am by no means counting down the days; summer cannot last long enough.

On this particular evening, I styled a light pink gingham blazer with a white eyelet top, white jeans, and white point toed pumps. The blazer paired with the white ensemble popped against the white marble as well as the sky as it faded from blue to pink to black. It was fun to explore the interior and exterior of the Jefferson, watch people take their prom photos and marvel in awe at the baby geese and their mothers, too precious!

Salty Sleeves


This spring I’ve become obsessed with gingham, bell sleeves and the off the shoulder trend. This top combines the three perfectly! I had so much fun exploring the salt mashes at Cornell Farm in Dartmouth, MA. The hiking trails were so well groomed, I wish I brought my dog along for the adventure.

Stripes on the Potomac


Yesterday afternoon a friend and I took a trip to Georgetown to walk around the Potomac and look for a house with Wisteria that I’d found on Pinterest. We walked from campus to the Georgetown Waterfront, up and down the boardwalk, watching crew teams speedily float by. Afterwards, we walked back up to M Street and made a quick stop at Pie Sisters for some cuppies before heading to the corner of 35th and Prospect to find the Wisteria. Unfortunately, someones car was parked on the sidewalk right in front of the white door dripping with the purple blooms. Nevertheless, they were beautiful and the smell from some pink hedges across the street wafted over to us, inviting us to sit by them and eat our pies. After our quick snack, we headed back down the hill and walked halfway over the Key Bridge… does that count as walking to Virginia? The sun sparkling on the water provided the perfect backdrop to take a photo in our matching outfits, which may or may not have been planned (wink, wink)!

For my outfit, I wore a peplum pinstripe top, paired with white jeans and white heels. I sensibly brought a pair of comfortable white eyelet Keds to change into for all the walking around we did (9 miles)! I also broke out my Kate Spade cross body that I picked up in TJ Maxx last weekend for 75% off. I’m completely obsessed. From the scallop detailing to the clever clasp to the vibrant color of the soft leather, it’s the perfect bag. The only “downside” is that there is a little compartment inside that I accidentally placed my phone into and when I couldn’t find it, proceeded to have a mini heart attack and ping my phone when it was inside my bag all along… oops!

Daffo-Dilly Dally

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I recently took a day trip to Parsons Reserve in Dartmouth, Massachusetts to visit this field of daffodils. Fortunately, it was only about an hour away and the surrounding neighborhood was lovely to drive through. The sun was shining and it was about 70° which was perfect for the short hike through the woods on a nicely cleared path to see the daffodils.  There were so many, I wasn’t expecting them to be so numerous! A friend and I spent about an hour walking around, taking photos and enjoying the silence of the peaceful field of daffodils.

If you plan to go, be advised that they are requiring a $2 donation per person. I came prepared and donated a dollar extra. Shockingly, the volunteer demanding donations gave me a hard time over this and yelled at me, saying that I would take the dollar of change. Taken aback, I walked away; slightly confused… no good deed gone unpunished! Later, while we were exiting, the same volunteer was demanding a donation from a couple who had not come prepared with cash. He requested a credit card from them, even though he obviously didn’t have a credit card machine on him! It’s a shame that such a beautiful place could not have more polite volunteers; fortunately, the mans bitterness didn’t take away from the beauty of the daffodils or the gorgeous day. I’m definitely going to make taking a day trip to Parsons Reserve a spring tradition!


Easter Sunday


Happy Easter! This morning I woke up to a lovely Easter basket filled with chocolate bunnies on the front porch next to some beautiful daffodils. I then went for my annual Easter egg hunt that was a little different this year. My parents hid eggs throughout the woods so I’d have to follow the trail to get to different ‘baskets’ which were actually Lilly bags! Inside the bags I found two adorable Lilly shifts (one of which I’m wearing today),  some more chocolate and an adorable button down! It was so much fun to walk through the woods with my parents and dogs while Easter egg hunting. My puppy Delila ended up helping me find some of the eggs I missed. We spent the remainder of the day having dinner and spending time with family. He has truly risen, Alleluia!