Spring Cream-ing

Happy First Day of Spring! Now who’s in charge of getting rid of all this snow?


Now is definitely the time to stock up on sweaters for next winter, or even to throw on during chilly Spring days or Summer nights. Over break I found this adorable cream, v-neck sweater on sale in TJ Maxx!  I love the light blue and navy stripes around the V, they add an adorable detail to a soft, nice fitting sweater! I love the way the cream popped against the white snow. It complemented Jupiter pretty well too if you ask me!

Green and Marble Gates


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! To brave the day’s frigid temperature, I layered a white button down with this green cable knit sweater and added a matching green and blue necklace. It was the perfect outfit to drive around Newport in and do some shopping before heading to lunch. If it had been about 40° warmer and less windy it would’ve been the perfect day!

Beach Then Blizzard


Because I knew I would be snowed in today thanks to the blizzard, I decided to get out and go to Misquamicut State Beach yesterday. I love the beach, yet, I never go in the summer. The sun is too hot, there are too many people and I always get a headache from the salt air if I stay too long. In my opinion, going to the beach when it’s freezing out, to the point that it’s 20° and there’s snow on the ground, is a much better option. It’s more fun to be able to frolic, troll the signs and have the whole beach to yourself. There’s also no beach traffic and free, unlimited parking!

Castle Hill Light


On my recent trip home, I took an afternoon trip down to the Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport to explore. The lighthouse itself looked tiny until you got close to it. I decided to climb right up next to it and was greeted by an amazing view of the Atlantic, surrounding rocks, and the coast of Jamestown. If I had gone a couple of hours later, it would’ve been the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

To access the lighthouse, I parked at the Castle Hill Inn and took a short walking path. I’m glad I found the path when I did as I was about to start scaling a nearby cliff to climb to the light.

Because the weather was cold and windy, I wore my L.L. Bean Boots and a down vest, layered with a long sleeve top. I’m obsessed with the scarf I wore! It completed my outfit, giving me a pop of color. I was careful to make sure it didn’t blow right off of me!

Sunset Bows


Although I never know whether or not orange will look good on me, I decided to try this bow sweater out. I ended up loving the orange color! It complemented the sunset so well, after all, the sunset ties the day up like a bow.


Chestnut and Green

dsc03585dsc03678dsc03639dsc03623dsc03688dsc03610dsc03637dsc03568My favorite part about being home is having the option to have a chill day with no real plan I wake up with no alarm, bike a few miles, and then make waffles before heading to the barn. These chill days require a warm, cute and comfy outfit. This one has been my go to all winter and I love it! It even matches Jupiter’s halter. It’s quick and easy to throw on and the layers make it look like I put some effort in.

Outfit Details: Top: J.Crew Factory (similar), Vest: Abercrombie, Boots: L.L. Bean, Warmest Socks EVER: Abercrombie, Leggings: Under Armor .

Seal Searching

This past Wednesday I had planned to go to Newport but my plans ended up falling through. However, since the weather was absolutely gorgeous (sunny and 50°) I was determined to make it to the beach. Fortunately, one of my friends and her dogs were up for an adventure to accompany our Dover run.

This time of year, Rome Point in North Kingston is infamous for seal sightings. I really wanted to see the seals in all of their adorable, chubby glory so we plugged Rome Point into the GPS and were off. Once we arrived at our destination and started walking toward the point, we realized the tide was too high to make it and that we’d reached a dead-end. However, the spot was gorgeous. I’m definitely going back in the near future.


Although the first stop was a bust, I was still determined to find the seals! I examined a map and noticed that there was a path about five minutes down the road that would lead me to the coast near Rome Point. All I would have to do was walk along the shoreline until I found the seals. We arrived with the dogs at the John H. Chaffee Nature Preserve and started walking.


Finally, after what felt like forever, we arrived at the coast and were greeted by a striking view of the Jamestown Bridge. We turned to our left and started hiking along the rocky shoreline toward Rome Point. Although there were no seals to be seen, I kept my hopes up. There were some rocks farther out in the water that could potentially have seals and I wanted to get a closer look.


Just as we were about to turn back, I reexamined the rocks and saw light-colored lumps on them. I had found the seals! Because I had forgotten binoculars, I used my camera lens to get a closer look. They were too cute!


Although we had completed our mission, the adventure continued. We decided to take a shortcut path back that we were certain connected with the main trail. However, when we came to a fork in the road, we went in the “wrong” direction. What we found was extremely exciting for me: A TRESTLE! I am obsessed with trestles, especially the bare ones that haven’t been modernized or child-proofed and this one was just that!


After departing from the trestle, we managed to find our way back to the car. The dogs napped most of the way home. Overall, we walked about 4 miles of beautiful Rhode Island. We couldn’t have planned a better day!