Cupid’s Caboose


This outfit made me feel a valentine. From the scallops on my skirt to the ruffle on my sweater to the red and pink colors to the pearl around my neck, everything about this look screams “IT’S VALENTINES DAY!” This old caboose was so fun to climb on and explore, despite the signs requesting that I stay off. It even matched my outfit! While I think it’s the perfect Valentine’s ensemble, I’ll probably spend actual Valentines Day, or Ash Wednesday, in pajamas with the exception of the few hours I have to go to mass and work, which is more than alright since I already got to feel like a cupid on this caboose.

Sweater // Skirt // Boots



Thursday was my Birthday and the start of my Birth-weekend! I flew home that night for cake after a long day of classes and homework. The quick, 50 minute flight was so worth the cake at the end of it. I’ve been spending the rest of my Birth-weekend sleeping in and spending time with my family and friends.


Saturday night, I had my best friend since sixth grade and cousin come over to roast marshmallows in the fireplace and eat cake. After we got the fire lit, we realized the only marshmallows we had in the cupboard were old and melted, so we had to make a quick trip to the market. The drive there and back were interesting to say the least as it seemed to be darker than usual, rainy and foggy.


Finally, we got home, beat my cousin with sticks, ate our marshmallows and had our cake. Even Delila got a bite!



19th Birthday Bucket List Follow Up

Last year on my birthday, I put together a bucket list for my 19th year: 19 things to do before my teenage years kicked the bucket. The list was as follows:

  1. Ride on the beach ✓DSC06417
  2. Climb more mountains ✓IMG_7678.jpg
  3. Leave the country at some point: Oops
  4. Do some serious showing ✓ DSC04581
  5. Continue to narrow down what I might want to do with my life ✓
  6. Jump off a cliff ✓ (probably did it, but not this one)IMG_8579.JPG
  7. Go to Santa’s Village: Oops
  8. See a free show at the Kennedy Center ✓IMG_7680
  9. Visit at least 3 different covered bridges ✓ (made it to 4 new ones)IMG_0858IMG_6728IMG_6714IMG_6762
  10. Paddle board: On my list for Summer ’18
  11. Perfect some pieces on the violin ✓
  12. Get a card to the Library of Congress ✓ (I have the temporary card but because I somehow managed to forget my ID that day, it expired months ago)
  13. Explore a new state in the US ✓ (got more acquainted with VA, CT, MA, and NH, none of which were new but had parts that were new)IMG_1217
  14. Road-trip to New Hampshire’s Flume Gorge: on my list for Spring ’18
  15. Get a job ✓
  16. Go to Nantucket: On my list for Summer ’18
  17. Try a different type of food ✓ (there was yummy algae in my smoothie bowl)img_7679.jpg
  18. Attend a great concert ✓ (Michael Ray at the fair)FullSizeRender.jpg
  19. Make new friends ✓IMG_3829

Given that there were a few things I didn’t manage to do, everything I did accomplish this year were actually meaningful things I wanted to get out of the way before entering my twenties. While it’s just another day and just another year, I really didn’t want to be an unemployed, twenty-year-old ‘junior’ in college with no major or idea of what her future career would be. Last year, I had no clue what I would major in or what I wanted to do with my life. Since then, I have decided to be a psychology major planning to attend law school after graduation. While plans always change, I feel confident that this is one that I will follow through with, and even if I don’t, having a plan of some sort gives me peace of mind. The other items on my bucket list mainly served as excuses for getting myself into the routine of venturing out into the world and actually having fun; mission accomplished.

This past year was probably one of the best and hardest I’ve ever experienced. Coming out of it, I have managed to become more confident and happy with who I am now than I ever have been before.  In my final year as a teenager, I met the best people who I’ve become incredibly close with; I can’t imagine ever having to live without them. I feel like my transition into being an ‘imposter adult’ is semi-complete and I am more capable to handle difficult people and circumstances.  That being said, this year, I’m not making another bucket list for myself. Instead, I’m going to focus on doing things that make me happy, healthy and energized such as getting consistent amounts of sleep, continuing to ride, run, bike and go to yoga every chance I get in addition to putting 110% into everything I do. Instead of focusing on building new relationships, I want to spend time focusing on the amazing people already in my life who I know have my back no matter what. Tomorrow, I will be able to say that I survived my teenage years without doing anything stupid and head into my twenties as a bigger grandma than ever before.


Christmas Compilation

As the Christmas season winds down, I have a few random festive photos left to share. Since almost none of them have anything in common other than Christmas, I decided to compile them here.

The National Christmas Tree


For the past two years, my friend Andrew (Teen Take) and I have made it a tradition to go to the White House Christmas Tree and freeze our butts off. This year’s freezing got taken to a whole new level. Because I was putting off moving and it was my last night in DC, I practically forced Teen Take to go with me without even checking the weather. It was brutal. Between the freezing temperatures and the harsh winds, we were both miserable before we had made it off campus. It was so miserable that we were the only ones at the tree, which is usually quite crowded! We managed to take a selfie, but it turned out too rough to post on the internet. Needless to say, we both ended up looking up like Rudolph thanks to our windburn!

December at Georgetown Cupcake


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: November and December are the best months for seasonal flavors at Georgetown cupcake. The highlights include Sticky Toffee Pudding (not pictured but quite possibly the best cupcake ever), Mrs. Claus Cocoa, Chocolate Peppermint and Reindeer Munch Crunch. I felt so festive eating them off my cute christmas plates!

Decorated Dorm


My room looked super festive through finals, up until I had to move to a different room at the end of the semester. Taking my snowflakes down and cramming my Christmas tree into a box and shoving them both into a closet was the most grinch-esque thing I think I’ve ever done! Talk about depressing…

Christmas in Kogan


There was a Christmas tree on campus that Zac and I got some photos with, which meant we had to pick each other up.

Dominick The Donkey


While doing a photoshoot for my friend, I decided to get a picture with the absolute rudest donkey while wearing matching santa hats. While my friend got kicked by the donkey just as he made a successful break for it, I managed to catch up to him and get a cute picture. Thank God he didn’t buck out at me!

Doberman Delila


My dog is a total diva and I’ll do anything to get a cute, festive photo of her. She was such a saint standing in the snow wearing a wreath, wrapped in Christmas lights and posing on a toboggan without trying to run back inside!

Charlie Brown Christmas


I decorated a sad looking pine tree in the snow on one of my first days home out of sheer boredom. It ended up looking more sad than cute but was still a great way to entertain myself!

Snowy Deer and Turkeys


The deer in my yard, aka my pets, have finally grown out their think, winter coats and looked adorable in the snow the other day.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping


Despite the freezing rain, my Mom and I ran out two days before Christmas to do some last minute errands. The decorated gazebo at Garden City was so cute!



After exploring the exterior of some of the decorated mansions and ‘rockin’ around the tree’ on second beach with the dog, my Dad and I drove around Newport (on our way out) and checked out some of the house’s Christmas decorations! I thought this one was especially cute.

Merry Mansions

A few days before Christmas, Delila and I went for a stroll down Bellevue and checked out the exterior of the Newport mansions, all decorated for Christmas. She loved getting out, sniffing around and seeing a part of the state she never had before. I took the walk as an excuse to wear my favorite white leather booties. They have the cutest pointed toe as well as gold detailing on the side and just above the spike heel. They’re also super comfy and matched perfectly with my white coat, complete with a faux fur collar. Underneath, I layered with a warm, red cable knit sweater and a seasonally appropriate ruffled plaid wool skirt.


Boots // Coat // Skirt // Similar Sweater

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! My holiday began on Christmas Eve when I lectored the Christmas Eve vigil mass before heading home, eating way too many cookies, and falling asleep happily in my Christmas bedding.


The next morning, my parents and I woke up, in matching pajamas, to a white Christmas! The trees and ground were covered in a few inches of snow which kept flurrying down throughout the day.


While we unwrapped presents, we had a breakfast of chocolate toffee candies and Finnish coffee bread; our tradition.


The entirety of our Christmas was very low key and relaxing.


Later in the evening, we baked some gingerbread cookies and I decided to decorate them. It was a lot harder than I thought it would be, but they ended up being adorable! Without planning, I decorated gingerbread versions of my parents and I, along with a monogrammed moose. I can’t wait to eat them!


Sleep Shirt // Metallic Red Lipstick

On The Nauti-List

Every year, someone puts up a Christmas tree on Second Beach in Middletown and it’s the cutest thing ever. What screams ‘Christmas in Rhode Island’ more than a Christmas tree on the beach? Nothing! Delila was absolutely delighted by both the tree and the beach. You should’ve seen her excited expressions as she sniffed the tree (and everything else in sight) and frolicked through the sand, dragging me all the way.  As we left the beach, it began to snow. Only 3 days until Christmas!


Sweater // Pants // Bean Boots