Cupid’s Caboose


This outfit made me feel a valentine. From the scallops on my skirt to the ruffle on my sweater to the red and pink colors to the pearl around my neck, everything about this look screams “IT’S VALENTINES DAY!” This old caboose was so fun to climb on and explore, despite the signs requesting that I stay off. It even matched my outfit! While I think it’s the perfect Valentine’s ensemble, I’ll probably spend actual Valentines Day, or Ash Wednesday, in pajamas with the exception of the few hours I have to go to mass and work, which is more than alright since I already got to feel like a cupid on this caboose.

Sweater // Skirt // Boots



Happy St. Valentines Day from Jupiter and I! Even though I won’t be seeing him today due to the few hundred miles separating us, he’s still my Valentine. He’s the cutest, sweetest little boy who tries so hard to please and never fails to put a smile on my face. I love him so much!