Beach Boy


I finally went riding on the beach! After almost a year of planning, my friends and I finally got around to bringing Jupiter to the beach! In the state of Rhode Island, you’re legally allowed to bring horses to state and local beaches anytime between September 15 and May 15. While we had originally planned to go to Blue Shutters, we opted to go to Narraganset beach instead because of the large parking lot. Despite the fact that it was late November, we caught a nice, warm, 55° sunny day which meant that the beach was a bit crowded. So many people were taking photos and videos of us and a particular group of old people decided it would be a fantastic idea to unleash their fu-fu dogs and let them chase us! Some people have no common sense, no matter how old they get. I’m so happy I finally got to ride on the beach; it was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again. Maybe next time Jupiter will be less afraid of the waves, LOL!


Finally Fall


IMG_0342.JPGIMG_0343.JPGIMG_0345.JPGFullSizeRender-2IMG_0340.JPGIMG_0338.JPGIMG_0344.JPGAfter spending 48 days at school, I’m finally home for Fall Break! As always, Jupiter was my first stop. I missed this handsome bear so much! Naturally, we had to take our annual Fall photos. He’s such a character! In many of the photos, he was smiling for the camera with his big goofy teeth (see photo #4). Because it’s only the beginning of October and the leaves aren’t forecasted to peak until next weekend, we had to strategically position ourselves in the field to be in front of the one patch of trees that weren’t completely green. Afterwards, Jupiter got turned back out and I jumped his brother around. After such a fun morning, I’m excited for the rest of my time home!

Flannel (similar) // Jeans (best fitting ever and on SALE!) // Boots

Snapshots From The Show: 7/8/17


Westbrook Shoreline didn’t go exactly as planned. A large rainstorm from the night before left the hunter ring partially flooded and covered in large patches of puddles, which coupled with flowers under jumps, were pretty scary. With some coaxing, I eventually got Kismet to go over a couple of fences but decided it would be wise to only enter the flat class. I was so proud of her; she marched around what must have been the shortest flat class ever and didn’t even look at the puddles! We ended the day with four dirty socks (all of which were a pristine white earlier that morning after the half hour-long scrubbing they received the night before) and a blue ribbon. Guess the judge couldn’t resist the ‘Eye Kandy!’

Snapshots from the Show: 6/11/17


I’m not going to sugar coat it; this was a horrible day. Everything that could have gone wrong went wrong before we even started warming up to show. Despite the day’s shortcomings, I had fun spending time with everyone as well as showing in the ring. My friend was at the same show which mandated a photo shoot for us and lots of hugs and kisses for her pony.  I am very happy with the way I rode, specifically on the flat. I can’t wait to get back to work to ensure the next show goes super smoothly!

Jupiter’s 6th Birthday

Happy (late) Birthday to Jupiter! He turned 6 this past Saturday, May 20! I’m so grateful to have him in my life and that I can ride, dress up and spend time with him. He is such a sweet, smart, curious and amazing horse who is quick to learn and loves his job. He’s also turning into quite the little model and loves posing for the camera. I can’t wait to see all the great things he accomplishes and experiences that we will share!




I don’t remember ever not being stressed around this time of year. Last year I was worried about passing AP exams, finding a prom dress and date, picking a college, preparing for graduation, etc. Compared to that, this year is much more manageable. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not still stressed. I have no idea what I will receive as a grade in one of my classes as its entirety is based on my essay style final exam and a paper I handed in last week. I’m also stressed over physics; my performance on the upcoming final exam will make or break both my grade and GPA. It is for this reason that I’ve been focusing on de-stressing and clearing my mind so I can study and carry out tasks to the best of my ability.

Although going to the gym helps, riding is the only real way that I can clear my head, re-energize, and make my stress melt away. It is the one thing in life (other than chocolate) that will never fail to make me happy. This past week, I’ve ridden multiple horses every day and it has felt great. It’s giving me a peek into what my summer will (hopefully) look like, filled with horses and days spent at the barn.

Everyone needs a de-stressor, a hobby, a passion, something. We cannot expect ourselves to constantly work and tax our minds and bodies. There is a major difference between being distressed and de-stressed. It is necessary to have fun and to have a release. Escaping to the barn keeps me away from school and my negative thoughts about physics. Focusing all my attention on it would not insure me a great grade; it would only stress me out, make my under-eye circles worse, and make me feel drained and exhausted. I’ll do all that I can to get through my stressors successfully but they don’t have to consume me. Getting on a horse and riding is something that always has and always will make me happy and feel ready to tackle any task placed in front of me.