Country Roads Lead Home

Swamp Meadow Covered Bridge in Foster, Rhode Island is one of my favorite spots in the state. I can’t make a trip home without at least driving under it a couple of times. It’s so nice to have a bit of New England charm so close to home. I just love covered bridges!


I am obsessed with the navy color of this plaid shirtdress. It pops against the red and the white in the print. How cute is the bow tie on the front?!? It lets you customize just how fitted it is and leaves you with the possibility of making a bow or another sort of knot. This dress even has pockets. Although I’m pretty short, I ordered the dress in a tall so it would be long enough and I’m so glad I did! The smaller the size, the shorter the hemline so getting a tall is absolutely crucial, even if you’re short like me. Because I was feeling extra, I paired the dress with a patent pair of point toe pumps. I got them a few years back and adore them; any time they even remotely match my outfit, I eagerly pull them out! Speaking of excited, Delila was extremely pumped to visit the bridge with us. The whole way there, I kept looking in my rearview and all I could see was her happy face. I took a picture and posted it on her Instagram, check it out here!

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The Great Falls

Although it wasnt that long ago, my trip to Great Falls Park in Virginia feels like it happened eons ago. I can’t believe it’s just about time to head home for Thanksgiving!  While I uploaded a post about the fun weekend I had directly following it (read it here) I’ll talk more about our trip to the falls. Surprisingly, parking here was a pain in the butt but the little walk from the parking lot to the Potomac and then to the falls was pleasant and eventful. I ended up going with three friends: Hannah, Zac and Jack. Hannah and I are both comfortable in the outdoors but our two counterparts were very much not. It was so funny to watch two city slickers attempt to do the simple tasks such as step from stone to stone and deal with absolute horrors such as mud.  It’s always fun to retreat from the city with friends and I’m definitely going to start doing it more often. In under a half hour, I can be driving down a suburban country road, feeling like I’m hundreds of miles away from the city. Going here made me really want to drive over to western Virginia and get some hiking in!

IMG_2148IMG_1217IMG_1556IMG_1547IMG_1224IMG_1554IMG_1383IMG_1220IMG_1564IMG_1543Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 1.45.12 PMIMG_1558IMG_1546IMG_1562

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Fall in Georgetown

Earlier this morning, I had some time to kill so I decided to go for a walk around Georgetown, collect some fallen leaves, drool over the houses and pick up some cupcakes. As I was taking photos of the first house that caught my eye, an older gentleman came up to me and started a conversation. It was funny; he thought I was twelve and expressed confusion that I could drive. I soon learned that he was the caretaker for many of the homes in Georgetown and had recently painted many of the homes that I was photographing. It was cool to be able to meet and talk to someone who maintains such beautiful homes that make up such a well known part of D.C. We chatted for awhile longer before we parted ways and I continued to aimlessly wander around Georgetown for about a half hour. Here are some of my favorite houses that were decked out for fall!



Leafing Through Washington

Fall has arrived in the District, bringing with it temperatures in the high thirties. While I’m happy to see the leaves finally change, the frigid temperatures are a slightly less welcome addition to the season. Since the temperatures dipped, I have essentially become a walking L.L. Bean advertisement. For the next 4-5 months, you will rarely catch me wearing anything but my bean boots! Because I didn’t get my coat mailed down to me until a couple of days ago, I’ve found myself layering as much as possible to stay warm. This means a flannel (L.L. Bean’s are the warmest), a sweater and a down vest, all paired with jeans and accented with lace socks. The outfit was perfect for a frigid walk to work and a fun (but freezing) day out frolicking in leaves by the Tidal Basin.


Flannel // Sweater // Vest // Jeans // Bean Boots // Socks

The White House Garden


On Sunday, October 22, I went for a tour of the White House garden with my friend Zac. That morning, I had a previous commitment and was upset that I wouldn’t be able to go. Fortunately, Zac woke up bright and early, walked all the way to the White House, and was able to get us tickets for that afternoon.


It was so cool to be that close to the White House. The sun was super harsh and the crowds were insane, but we waited both out and were able to get some cute photos. The White House was the perfect backdrop! My favorite photo is the one where three of the security are watching me strut and spin to get just the right shot! The funniest part is we were one of the last ones out and only left because they were casually following us out trying to get us to leave. Being able to do things like tour the White House garden is a huge reason that I came to school in D.C. so outings like these are a welcome addition to my itinerary!



It’s Covered

I love covered bridges. They’re quaint and cute and are a rarity to find which makes them all the more special. The Arthur A. Smith Covered bridge in Northern Massachusetts has been on my list for quite a while and finally, I decided to make the trip up. It’s funny that this one spot was my destination when over the course of the road trip, I found many other wonderful spots that I never would’ve been able to plan going to. This bridge did not disappoint. It was adorable down to every detail, I’m obsessed with the lanterns inside of it! Even the creek under it was cute. The mountains in the background were just turning to orange and there was not a person in sight. This bridge really is in the middle of nowhere!


For my outfit, I paired this jacquard printed skirt (pockets!) with a crimson belle sleeved sweater (on sale!) and matching point toe flats. I love the fringe detailing on the shoes! My hunter boots also paired well with the look and were a bit more practical for exploring the creek below the bridge; I was surprised with how deep it was!

Sweater // Skirt // Flats // Boots

Autumn Mountain Majesty

The panoramic 360º view from Poet’s Seat Tower located in the Rocky Mountain Park of Greenfield, Massachusetts is absolutely stunning, especially when the leaves have been painted yellow, red and orange by autumn herself. The tower is extremely tall.  You start by climbing up various flights of stairs, each of which brings you to a new look out platform. If you look straight down, you will realize that the tower is perched on the edge of a literal cliff, and it’s a long way down. The final flight that takes you to the very top is a spiral staircase the winds you around, almost preparing you to look all around and take in the view. Straight ahead, off the cliff, is the town of Greenfield and in every other direction, you see nothing but foliage covered mountains, pierced only by the occasional steeple. A big, beautiful American flag blows in the wind on top of the tower. The Poet’s Seat Tower is a great lookout point that you can drive right up to, no hiking necessary. Even the parking lot is scenic!IMG_0779IMG_0786IMG_0780IMG_0782IMG_0778IMG_0642IMG_0781IMG_0777IMG_0801

For my outfit, I paired bean boots with a long sleeve lace top and a button front corduroy skirt. Because it was a warmer fall day, I could get away with wearing the skirt on its own but was still happy to be wearing long sleeves. I love how the brown color of the corduroy looked against the deep blue and how the two textures contrasted against one another. All the pieces I’m wearing with the exception of my boots are from past seasons but I linked some similar options below.

Top (similar), (bell sleeve version) // Skirt (similar), (cheap) // Boots