Ocean State


Yesterday was the first real beach day of the season! It was just cool enough to lay in the hot sand and soak up some sunshine.  The water was freezing but refreshing. I managed to hunt down a beach that was not too well-known so it wasn’t extremely crowded and the water was much more blue, clean and clear! I wore this adorable navy gingham bathing suit that I ordered recently. It was cut to fit perfectly. The bottoms covered just enough and the top didn’t budge. I also wore a floppy hat and sunglasses to protect my eyes, face and shoulders by shading me from the sun. I managed to leave the beach without a sunburn, a rare feat for me!

Salty Sleeves


This spring I’ve become obsessed with gingham, bell sleeves and the off the shoulder trend. This top combines the three perfectly! I had so much fun exploring the salt mashes at Cornell Farm in Dartmouth, MA. The hiking trails were so well groomed, I wish I brought my dog along for the adventure.

Daffo-Dilly Dally

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I recently took a day trip to Parsons Reserve in Dartmouth, Massachusetts to visit this field of daffodils. Fortunately, it was only about an hour away and the surrounding neighborhood was lovely to drive through. The sun was shining and it was about 70° which was perfect for the short hike through the woods on a nicely cleared path to see the daffodils.  There were so many, I wasn’t expecting them to be so numerous! A friend and I spent about an hour walking around, taking photos and enjoying the silence of the peaceful field of daffodils.

If you plan to go, be advised that they are requiring a $2 donation per person. I came prepared and donated a dollar extra. Shockingly, the volunteer demanding donations gave me a hard time over this and yelled at me, saying that I would take the dollar of change. Taken aback, I walked away; slightly confused… no good deed gone unpunished! Later, while we were exiting, the same volunteer was demanding a donation from a couple who had not come prepared with cash. He requested a credit card from them, even though he obviously didn’t have a credit card machine on him! It’s a shame that such a beautiful place could not have more polite volunteers; fortunately, the mans bitterness didn’t take away from the beauty of the daffodils or the gorgeous day. I’m definitely going to make taking a day trip to Parsons Reserve a spring tradition!


Castle Hill Light


On my recent trip home, I took an afternoon trip down to the Castle Hill Lighthouse in Newport to explore. The lighthouse itself looked tiny until you got close to it. I decided to climb right up next to it and was greeted by an amazing view of the Atlantic, surrounding rocks, and the coast of Jamestown. If I had gone a couple of hours later, it would’ve been the perfect spot to watch the sunset.

To access the lighthouse, I parked at the Castle Hill Inn and took a short walking path. I’m glad I found the path when I did as I was about to start scaling a nearby cliff to climb to the light.

Because the weather was cold and windy, I wore my L.L. Bean Boots and a down vest, layered with a long sleeve top. I’m obsessed with the scarf I wore! It completed my outfit, giving me a pop of color. I was careful to make sure it didn’t blow right off of me!

Harbor Cheer



Although Christmas has passed, we are still in the midst of the Christmas season and many towns are still decorated with garlands and lights. I took a brief trip down to Wickford Village before lunch one day to explore the harbor, window shop and drive around to look at houses.  As I strolled through the village, snow flurries fell from the sky. Despite the weather, my bright Lilly Pulitzer top paired with white jeans and suede fringe booties put me in a sunny state of mind and added some cheer to the nearly deserted harbor.

Do You Sea What I Sea?

Today, after doing some returns and brief shopping, I headed to the coast of Connecticut to explore and take some pictures. I drove through Mystic before venturing over to Stonington Boroughs. All the shops and quaint houses were still decorated with Christmas lights and wreaths; they looked adorable! My outfit consisted of a white cable knit sweater, matching socks, glossy hunter boots, black leggings and a houndstooth scarf. I was definitely feeling black and white and added a muted purple lip to complete my look. The hunter boots came in handy as I frolicked in the ocean. Fortunately, it was about 50 degrees so I didn’t freeze!



Follow the Yellow Dot Trail

On the day before Thanksgiving, my cousin and I decided to hike the Yellow Dot Trail. Because it was hunting season, I insisted we wear hideous orange hats to serve as bullet repellent incase we were mistaken for deer, especially after Scott went out of his way to dress like one. The hats did their job and we were not shot. Although they were not the most fashionable of items, Scott and I agreed they were practical for keeping our ears warm.



The highlight of the hike, other than me whipping out my selfie stick much to Scott’s chagrin, was when I ended up treed like a cat. Instead of climbing down a rock like a normal human being, Scott decided it would be much more fun to use a small tree as a “fire pole” and slide down before insisting that I follow his lead. Once I decided that living by the phrase ‘YOLO’ was a wise idea, I climbed onto the tree and instantly froze, confused as to how I would get down and contemplating exactly what I’d gotten myself into. Luckily I eventually loosened my leg grip and slid to the ground. I have to admit, it was fun.


Hiking the yellow dot trail only took about an hour one way. It was an easy hike and had plenty of fun hills and rocks to climb on.

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