Checks, Pumps and Pillars

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With less than a week left living in D.C. until the Fall, I’m starting to think that I actually might miss it. Although I’m beyond excited to go home, it’s going to be strange not to be able to visit the Jefferson Memorial on a whim or be able to go visit Georgetown, a Smithsonian or even the White House at the drop of a hat. D.C. has given me a good first year. I’m excited to come back but am by no means counting down the days; summer cannot last long enough.

On this particular evening, I styled a light pink gingham blazer with a white eyelet top, white jeans, and white point toed pumps. The blazer paired with the white ensemble popped against the white marble as well as the sky as it faded from blue to pink to black. It was fun to explore the interior and exterior of the Jefferson, watch people take their prom photos and marvel in awe at the baby geese and their mothers, too precious!

Couple of Cuppies


Hello, my name is Cashel Koski and I’m a cupcake addict. Living in D.C. this past year has only fed my addiction. I’ve made countless trips to Georgetown Cupcake and Baked and Wired, sometimes centering my entire day around the excursion. I always look forward to the first of every month so I can rush to Georgetown Cupcake and sample their monthly flavors. I’m even planning on metro-ing all the way to Bethesda just to try a chocolate toffee cupcake… the obsession is real.

Every time I went to Georgetown for cupcakes, I’d pass by Pie Sisters on M Street. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pie, but cupcakes will always be my top priority. A few weeks ago, I was scrolling through a D.C. food Instagram page and saw these delicious looking pies in the form of cupcakes. I immediately clicked on the photo to read the geotag which referred me to none other than Pie Sisters.

Last Friday, I was planning on heading to Georgetown and probably picking up some Baked and Wired on my way home since I’d forgotten to place my order for Georgetown Cupcake in advance to skip the line. However, as I walked by Pie Sisters, the memory of the delicious looking Cuppies came to mind. I was feeling a bit hungry, so I headed in, “just to look” I said. The inside of the shop was furnished impeccably and had a homey feel, complete with bouquets of fresh flowers on nice wooden tables. The girl working behind the counter was very friendly and helpful. As I peered through the case at various pies, I made a mental list of all the flavors I wanted to try, chocolate pecan, vanilla cream, s’mores, jumble berry, cookies n’ cream (chocolate cream), and apple caramel. I forced myself to narrow it down to two and ended up walking out with the latter. I fully intended to hold off until after dinner to eat the cuppies, but the chocolate cookies and cream started calling my name ten minutes after leaving Pie Sisters.

I’ve never had better chocolate cream pie in my life. The crust was delicious, and when I say this, believe me since I usually hate pie crust and absolutely refuse to eat it. The whipped cream on top was sweet and firm while the Oreo dust and chocolate chips added some more sweet flavor. The pudding was smooth and rich, clearly made from scratch.

The Apple Caramel was slightly less stellar. The apples weren’t caramelized and there was too much sugar on top which prevented me from tasting any hint of caramel. The crust was delicious however… I just don’t think I’d order this cuppie again.

Overall, Pie Sisters was a total hit. The idea of a cuppie (cupcake x pie) is so clever and delicious. From the shop to the service to the incredible pies, I can’t wait to go back!

Stripes on the Potomac


Yesterday afternoon a friend and I took a trip to Georgetown to walk around the Potomac and look for a house with Wisteria that I’d found on Pinterest. We walked from campus to the Georgetown Waterfront, up and down the boardwalk, watching crew teams speedily float by. Afterwards, we walked back up to M Street and made a quick stop at Pie Sisters for some cuppies before heading to the corner of 35th and Prospect to find the Wisteria. Unfortunately, someones car was parked on the sidewalk right in front of the white door dripping with the purple blooms. Nevertheless, they were beautiful and the smell from some pink hedges across the street wafted over to us, inviting us to sit by them and eat our pies. After our quick snack, we headed back down the hill and walked halfway over the Key Bridge… does that count as walking to Virginia? The sun sparkling on the water provided the perfect backdrop to take a photo in our matching outfits, which may or may not have been planned (wink, wink)!

For my outfit, I wore a peplum pinstripe top, paired with white jeans and white heels. I sensibly brought a pair of comfortable white eyelet Keds to change into for all the walking around we did (9 miles)! I also broke out my Kate Spade cross body that I picked up in TJ Maxx last weekend for 75% off. I’m completely obsessed. From the scallop detailing to the clever clasp to the vibrant color of the soft leather, it’s the perfect bag. The only “downside” is that there is a little compartment inside that I accidentally placed my phone into and when I couldn’t find it, proceeded to have a mini heart attack and ping my phone when it was inside my bag all along… oops!

Tidal Blossoms


This weekend the Cherry Blossoms hit peak bloom here in D.C. Because of rain showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, I decided to play it safe and go see them on Sunday, just incase the blooms were to die or be destroyed during the week. It would’ve been wiser to go Saturday when it was sunny and 80° but I missed my chance. Nevertheless, the blossoms were gorgeous. I couldn’t stop taking pictures and commenting on their immense beauty. Even though my hands and feet were numb from the cold and it started to rain, I’m glad I got to experience them!






The one thing that surprised me about the Cherry Blossom festival was how crowded it was. In hindsight, it only seems logical that the Tidal Basin be crowded seeing the blossoms are a huge tourist attraction and extremely well-known. However, after never witnessing them first-hand and only seeing photos online, I never saw the large crowds that came with the cherry blossoms. Fortunately, everyone was respectful, calm and equally in awe of the pink and white blooms so the crowds didn’t take anything away from the experience.



Naturally, I planned my outfit to match the cherry blossoms. I paired white jeans and white glitter Keds with a light pink lace top that I found over break. Although you can’t tell from the photos, the top has a zipper that goes all the way down the back which makes it convenient to put on, especially when you’ve just done your makeup.



Botanical Blooms


What a fun day at the D.C. Botanical Gardens! My RA planned the trip with another hall, but I was the only one to show up from my building which worked out because I was able to make friends with some awesome people! It was so much fun to walk around and explore the gardens. After getting “rained” on one too many times by the indoor humidifiers, we headed outside to look around before going to the Library of Congress and getting our cards! That’s one item off the bucket list! Unfortunately, I forgot my license so my card is “unverified” and expires on the first of April.

On the metro back, a strange man was sprinting back and forth through the car while the train was in motion, as well as laying flat on his back in the middle of the aisle and asking people for crack and money. At one stop, he ran off the train to the opposite platform; I thought for sure that he was going the kill himself right then and there by throwing himself onto the tracks but he didn’t, thank God, and instead, ran right back onto our train. You never know what you’ll encounter in D.C. Every day’s an adventure; that’s for sure.

Outfit Details: Dress- Lilly Pulitzer Brewster T-Shirt Dress (similar), Shoes: Kate Spade Keds