Castle On The Hill


Bancroft Tower in Worcester, Massachusetts is not something you’d expect to see just seconds out of a city. The tiny neighborhood surrounding it is quaint and peaceful. How beautiful are all the stones on the tower!? I can’t believe how tall it is. The view from the base of the castle was expansive; I can only imagine what the view would be like from the top! Even Delila was excited to get out of the car and explore the ground surrounding the tower. She seemed disappointed when she realized the gates were locked and she could not go up to explore the entirety of the tower.

Hat // Sweater // Vest // Pants // Boots


Around Ashuelot


Another stop on my New Hampshire covered bridge tour and probably the longest covered bridge I’ve ever driven over, the Ashuelot covered bridge located in the town of, you guessed it, Ashuelot, is a site to see, especially when covered in snow. I’d never seen a white covered bridge before and can only help but wonder how often it needs to be cleaned and repainted. To match the white body and red trim of the bridge, I paired white jeans with a red flannel and tartan heels. I’m not sure what it is with me wearing heels in the snow lately instead of my trusty bean boots, but it seems to be working. To date, I have zero slip-and-falls (knock on wood).

Flannel (in “Prince Charles Edward”) // Pants // Heels (similar)

Winter Break Recap

After Christmas, the remainder of my vacation felt like a total blur. Between the bomb cyclone and the weeks of single digit temperatures, I spent most of my break inside, curled up with my cats and dog.  I did make it out a few times, though, and had so much fun overall. Here are the highlights.

I realized the snow was a little deeper than expected…


Went shooting…


Went on a road trip up North…


Caught up with my friends…


Rode my bike a lot…


And ran on the frozen ocean.





Coombs Covered Bridge

I’m obsessed with covered bridges and am always on the hunt for new ones to visit. In the fall, I took a road trip to a covered bridge and some other spots in Northern Massachusetts and decided to take another this past weekend despite the 9 degree temperatures. This time, I headed up to New Hampshire, stopping in Worcester on the way, and visited three covered bridges, one of them being Coombs Covered Bridge. This bridge was the plainest and most natural looking. There were some holes in the side which allowed for a lookout to the view of the partially frozen river underneath the backdrop of a mountain. It looked adorable covered in snow that had come from the bomb cyclone just days earlier.


I love wearing pink all year round and this sweater is the perfect piece to brighten a dreary winter day. When layered with a white button down, a furry leopard vest, hot pink hat and white leather booties, I almost forgot how cold it was outside. Even my water bottle from the Lilly Pulitzer x Swell collaboration matched. I’m so glad my mom remembered the day of the launch as they sold out online in about twenty minutes. While I was the one who reminded her the night before, the morning they were released, I was happily riding and adorable printed water bottles were the last things on my mind. I feel so much more put together when I am completely coordinated, down to the very last detail of my water bottle.

Sweater // Button Down // Leopard Vest // Booties // Hat

American Teddy


I’m completely obsessed with Ralph Lauren’s teddy bear collection but because there are really no good options for women, and adult sweaters cost nearly $400, I took a chance on a boy’s size medium, since there were no larger options.  While the arms were a little short, it wasn’t anything an expertly cuffed button down couldn’t fix. The sweater is just so adorable! It paired perfectly with my new favorite lipstick. Liquid, matte and metallic, the application is smooth, pigmented and not patchy at all. It feels high end and lasts forever! It even smells good, like cherries mixed with vanilla.

Sweater // Shirt // Lipstick // Boots // Jeans

Christmas Compilation

As the Christmas season winds down, I have a few random festive photos left to share. Since almost none of them have anything in common other than Christmas, I decided to compile them here.

The National Christmas Tree


For the past two years, my friend Andrew (Teen Take) and I have made it a tradition to go to the White House Christmas Tree and freeze our butts off. This year’s freezing got taken to a whole new level. Because I was putting off moving and it was my last night in DC, I practically forced Teen Take to go with me without even checking the weather. It was brutal. Between the freezing temperatures and the harsh winds, we were both miserable before we had made it off campus. It was so miserable that we were the only ones at the tree, which is usually quite crowded! We managed to take a selfie, but it turned out too rough to post on the internet. Needless to say, we both ended up looking up like Rudolph thanks to our windburn!

December at Georgetown Cupcake


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: November and December are the best months for seasonal flavors at Georgetown cupcake. The highlights include Sticky Toffee Pudding (not pictured but quite possibly the best cupcake ever), Mrs. Claus Cocoa, Chocolate Peppermint and Reindeer Munch Crunch. I felt so festive eating them off my cute christmas plates!

Decorated Dorm


My room looked super festive through finals, up until I had to move to a different room at the end of the semester. Taking my snowflakes down and cramming my Christmas tree into a box and shoving them both into a closet was the most grinch-esque thing I think I’ve ever done! Talk about depressing…

Christmas in Kogan


There was a Christmas tree on campus that Zac and I got some photos with, which meant we had to pick each other up.

Dominick The Donkey


While doing a photoshoot for my friend, I decided to get a picture with the absolute rudest donkey while wearing matching santa hats. While my friend got kicked by the donkey just as he made a successful break for it, I managed to catch up to him and get a cute picture. Thank God he didn’t buck out at me!

Doberman Delila


My dog is a total diva and I’ll do anything to get a cute, festive photo of her. She was such a saint standing in the snow wearing a wreath, wrapped in Christmas lights and posing on a toboggan without trying to run back inside!

Charlie Brown Christmas


I decorated a sad looking pine tree in the snow on one of my first days home out of sheer boredom. It ended up looking more sad than cute but was still a great way to entertain myself!

Snowy Deer and Turkeys


The deer in my yard, aka my pets, have finally grown out their think, winter coats and looked adorable in the snow the other day.

Last Minute Christmas Shopping


Despite the freezing rain, my Mom and I ran out two days before Christmas to do some last minute errands. The decorated gazebo at Garden City was so cute!



After exploring the exterior of some of the decorated mansions and ‘rockin’ around the tree’ on second beach with the dog, my Dad and I drove around Newport (on our way out) and checked out some of the house’s Christmas decorations! I thought this one was especially cute.