Seas and Greetings


There’s nothing more charming than coastal towns at Christmas, and Jamestown is no exception. No matter what the season, Jamestown is a must visit for a climb on the rocks, walk down the beach or picnic by a lighthouse or the Newport bridge. After taking countless trips here, I finally stopped by the cute little house out by the water that overlooks the bridge at sunset. It was all decorated, as was the surrounding park, complete with a tall Christmas tree and smaller pots of greenery. As the sun set on the other side of the island, it was low tide so we were able to climb down to the beach below to get an even better view.


Loon Sweater // Bean Boots // Jeans // Coat // Similar Hat

An Old Town Christmas


A few weeks ago when my mom came down to visit, I decided that I needed a shoe rack. The one I have at home is from Lowe’s, and the nearest one that had it in stock was somewhere in Alexandria. This was the perfect excuse to take a drive through Old Town on our way there, look at the decorated stoops and Christmas lights. This area is my favorite. It’s so quaint and old, and very well thought out. There’s always somewhere convenient to park, unlike Georgetown and isn’t ever crowded. I love the small town feel. IMG_0433

Trying really hard not to get run over by a trolley!

Between the Christmas tree in the town square, the Christmas lights going down each street and the countless wreaths on lamp posts, Old Town was festive as could be. Mom and I decided to wear our matching moose sweaters since I can’t resist a good twinning moment. As we departed Old Town on our journey to Lowe’s, it began to snow flurry. IMG_0428


Lighthouses and Lobster Trap Trees


Newport is so cute this time of year. The lighthouse on Goat Island is covered in wreaths, Christmas lights and garland and just down the road, there is a lobster trap Christmas tree at The Lobster Shack. It was surprisingly sturdy and looked so cheesy covered in garland and strands of lights!



Skirt // Similar Sweater // Boots // Lipstick (Shade: Red Fatale)


Merry Christmas!



Merry Christmas! Today my family kept it low key with presents in the morning followed by prime rib. This year, we got Delila a bison flavored bone and it has already backfired. She is so materialistic. Every time she gets a new toy, she becomes so attached to it that she will growl and threaten to bite anyone who looks at her or gets near her while she has it. Tonight, after getting sick of listening to her growls, I rounded up all of her confiscated toys from over the years and threw them in her direction. She didn’t know what to do or which one to protect the most. When she jumped off the couch, all the toys had to go with her. Later, she was gnawing on her bison bone on the couch while the cat laid on the table by her head. All of a sudden, Delila looked at her toy, at the cat and at her toy again before growling and viciously attempting to bite the cat who was fast asleep, minding her own business. Looks like the materialistic doberman won’t be keeping the bison bone either!

Trucks & Trees

DSC01353After a couple of years having slightly sparse trees, we decided to make sure we found a fuller one this year. As we loaded our tree into the bed of the truck, I realized it was twinning with my sweater.


Santa?!? I know him!!!


This turtleneck is so cute and so warm. Every couple of years, Talbot’s comes out with the cutest festive sweaters. A few years back, it was a cute little car with lights and a tree on top and I was so sad I missed it. This year, the second I saw this truck sweater, I knew I had to have it. I love that it’s navy so I can wear it well after Christmas, too! Now that we have our tree, I can’t wait to decorate it and put presents under it. I’ve decided that we’re doing all tartan wrapping paper. It’s going to be so cute!


Sweater // Boots // Getting the tree 2017 // Getting the tree 2016

Capitol Christmas Tree


The Christmas tree outside the Capitol has to be my favorite in the city. It’s actually real and unlike the one at the White House, doesn’t have a weird shaped net over it. It’s more natural and has more character. Every time I go to see this tree, it’s absolutely freezing and windy. Thankfully, when I visited this year, my mom was visiting which meant we had a car aka no freezing sprint up the hill to the metro!