A Mid-Semester Update


fullsizeoutput_15f9Somehow, it’s been about two weeks since my last post. It’s hard to believe that February went by that quickly! I’m almost through midterms and finally have a good idea what my life will look like next year. I picked my law school back when I was accepted in October, but didn’t completely solidify my plans until this week when I signed the lease on my apartment for next year.


School wise, this semester has been pretty standard. Since this is my fourth semester of having pretty much the same schedule for both school and work, and my final semester of undergrad (!!!), I have my rhythm down. Spring break starts next weekend, and after that, the weather gets warm and the semester flies. I’m actually almost done!


I’d say my semester has also been pretty standard socially. I still have my close friends, although I’ve had to let go of a few. Last fall, I wrote a post about cutting negative relationships out of your life and still stand by it 100%. Recently, I had to part ways with a friend after realizing that they weren’t in my life for the right reasons. It wasn’t something I wanted to do, but knew I had to for my own sanity. Ironically, it happened the same day I found my apartment for next year. That night, I slept better than I had in weeks and woke up feeling energized.


Valentine’s Day


Happy Saint Valentine’s Day! I’m currently spending the night studying with a pink face mask on. While home this past weekend, I gave Delila an adorable heart shaped plush that says “free kisses.” She initially was fine with it, until, as usual, became over attached. Now, whenever anyone looks at or gets near her when she has it, she’ll growl and not give any free kisses! Even though Valentine’s Day is very much over, I have a couple more “valentine posts” coming up. Maybe I’ll change the post dates to make it look like they all went up today even though they very much aren’t going to, haha!




Happy Birthday to me! Last night I flew home to spend my birth-weekend home with my family. While my flight was delayed 3 hours (!!!), I finally made it back. I had a fun, relaxing day with my parents and couldn’t be happier to be home.


I picked up these adorable metallic rose gold “21” number balloons from Party City and seriously struggled getting photos with them. Between the wind, trying to make sure they were saying 21 NOT 12, and that the 2 was facing the right way, my work was definitely cut out for me.


Last weekend I impulsively bought this top from J.Crew on final clearance at midnight. It was the last one left and Sleepy Cashel decided that she had to have it. It could have been horrible but ended up being the cutest thing ever! I love the bright true red color and the tiered lace detailing. Of course, my birthday outfit was not complete without my favorite white booties. They’ve gotten so much wear that I had to have the bottom of the heels replaced since I completely wore them down!


I’ve had the best 21st Birthday. I still do not drink, but am so happy with where I am in life right now. I have great relationships with family, friends and myself, and have set myself up well academically throughout the past year. 20 was a great year and I can’t wait to see where 21 will bring me!


Pink and Greenworks


There’s nothing I love to see more around the city than a pink building, and Greenworks in Georgetown knocked the concept out of the park. The building is the perfect shade of bubblegum pink and looks great with its green door and trim, which are both draped in flowers. Especially amid the balmy weather we’ve been having lately, the floral touch makes me excited that spring is on the way! The groundhog said so, so it must be tue!


Pink is by far my favorite color, and I try to incorporate it into my wardrobe all year-long. Pairing my light pink sweater with a green and pink Lilly Pulitzer silk scarf has become a go-to of mine, especially when complemented by my pointy white booties.fullsizeoutput_1458


Sweater // Silk Scarf // Booties

Capitol Snow Day


There was zero snow in the forecast, but when I woke up and opened the blinds, I saw the streets covered in snow! Half an hour later, I was out the door, heading to the Capitol to meet my friend and frolic. The area around the Capitol looked beautiful covered in snow and it felt like we were walking through a snow-globe. Unfortunately, my hunter boots were not the warmest, and soon I found myself unable to feel my feet. To warm up, we headed into the Capitol building and up to the Speaker’s Balcony to see a view of the city covered in snow.


Vest // Similar Turtleneck // Hunter Boots

Let’s Get This RED!


I finally feel like I’m back into a routine and feeling motivated. After spending the first two weeks of school procrastinating and sleeping, I’m getting work done, going on Well-Styled Adventures and having fun as much as possible. After seeing photos online of this white, circular, tube like footbridge in Navy Yard, I decided to go with a friend. Getting there certainly was an adventure, as we decided to metro. Getting to Navy Yard checked two firsts off my list: first time on the green line, and first time in South East DC. The former was not delightful at all. We somehow ended up on a yellow line train toward the Pentagon, where we were stuck for 20 minutes, after a train was mislabeled. Then, when we finally got on a green train, I realized how sketchy public transportation could be… but we made it! Walking out of the metro, I expected it to be a ghetto (I’ve heard bad things), but it was actually a nice area. The water under the bridge was dark brown and disgusting, but the modern covered bridge was adorable, especially in the golden hour sunlight. However, after the hour-long trip there, we learned our lesson and spent 15 minutes in a Uber back for the same combined price.


I’ve been in a very red and pink mood lately, what else is new. I love the way my bright red vest brightened an otherwise neutral look of a white cable knit sweater and jeans. My favorite part of this look, however, is my lip. I’ve gotten a lot of products sent complementary to me, but this is the first one that is actually good enough to post about. Loreal’s new Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Colored Ink is the perfect liquid lip.  It feels like a thin, smooth stain that seems to disappear while leaving a bright color payoff. The applicator is precise and I’ve found myself choosing it over my high-end lipsticks almost daily. The red shade I’m wearing, called “I Am Worth It,” is the perfect neutral toned red, looking just muted enough in the tube to look perfectly natural on.


Lipstick // Sweater // Similar Vest // Booties