Castle Hill


For the past couple of weeks, I feel as though I haven’t left my desk. I’ve been studying an insane amount, and I can’t wait until I’m done. All the time trapped inside makes the few times I can actually leave my house and go somewhere all the more fun. Over the summers, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in Newport with this one as the exception. It was so nice to be by the water and feel actual wind without the humidity that comes with living inland. The quick walk to, around and up Castle Hill light was the perfect study break!



Snapshots From The Show: 8/4/18

IMG_0079To say I had an interesting (yet super fun) morning would be an understatement. Even though there was nothing but rain in the forecast, showing today seemed like a perfectly good idea. However, soon after I arrived at the show, the light drizzle turned into a downpour, and the rain only got harder as time went on. I went to lunge the roany pony, Burberry, and after a few light bucks, he broke away from me and bolted around the ring, lunge line still attached to his halter. I was terrified that he was going to break a leg but he wouldn’t stop for way too long. Eventually, he was lured back to civilized life with candy… typical pony.


After his little adventure, I decided to just get on him and see what happened. After trying to buck me off a few times unsuccessfully, he calmed down and started to march around like a good little pony. We jumped a warm up course and he was perfect. He looked at a couple jumps at first, but went over them willingly.


About ten minutes later, a torrential downpour began and everyone’s phone started beeping from a flash flood warning. That was our cue to do our first course! As we started, I could hear thunder overhead and midway through our course, I heard the wind start to pick up. Not the best weather to be riding in! Regardless of low visibility and being absolutely soaked, Burberry was a trooper and landed all of his leads. All those endless pole exercises paid off… I love a good groundpole! After our first class, the rain got even heavier and everyone fled to the indoor for cover to wait it out.


The rain didn’t stop, but it kind of slowed down? We decided to attempt our second class over fences, even though the ring was a giant puddle and it was still raining extremely hard. What a shock, the five-year old pony was not a fan of jumping into puddles. After getting him over a couple of fences, we just stopped. I did not want to die and because I was so soaked, my boots were filled with water and I was sliding all over the saddle. The wet field had to be slippery too. Nevertheless, it was time for our flat class and we were going to do it! We stayed in a tiny circle around the judge where the ring wasn’t a complete puddle and had the world’s shortest flat class.


Even though we were completely drenched, we had a great time. Burbie’s first real show went well and he did a great job in the class that wasn’t completely washed out. Everyone from our barn was so nice and helpful and happy standing in the rain for the show. Without them, the day would’ve been a complete disaster, but instead it was fun and a great learning experience for the Booberry.


Owl’s Head Light


Owl’s Head Light is one of my favorite of the Maine Lighthouses. Sitting high on the coast, it provides a lovely vantage point of the surrounding coast. The day we visited, Mom and I wore our matching star and anchor print sweaters, which were perfect for the cooler, overcast morning. Delila loved dragging me up and down the stairs as quickly as she could go and even attempted to drag me off a cliff as she followed her snout (not her eyes) as fast as she possibly could.

Sunflower Season


Although it seems early this year, sunflower season is already in full swing. It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of July. I’ve finally finished my summer classes and started studying for the LSAT.  Taking fun study breaks is going to be essential up until test day and a quick ride to the Buttonwood’s Farm field of sunflowers was the perfect outing. I couldn’t be more obsessed with this dress. The print, cut and hem are all perfection as is the burgundy color. The glitter eyeshadow that I applied to my lower lash line matched the dress perfectly and I also patted some of the shadow over a pinky nude liquid lip and topped it with a clear gloss for a custom coordinating lip.


Dress // Similar Hat // Glitter Shadows

Mount Blue

DSC08418The Centerville Trail in Mount Blue State Park is one we’ve hiked probably three times already. Once when I was little, once a few years ago, and once this trip. The trail to the top is short and easy; even easier if you have a big Doberman to drag you up. The view is absolutely spectacular and there’s plenty of room up to sit around and relax.


I couldn’t help but do a little yoga on the nice flat rock at the peak of the hike!


Top // Similar Leggings // Shoes

Lake Days


We could not have caught a better week weather wise. The days have been sunny and 75 and the nights have been perfect for sleeping. I’ve managed to get a little tan, and not a farmer-tan this time!!! One day of our trip was spent at scenic Wilson Pond in Wilton, which has clean, clear water and a gorgeous view of the mountains.


Swimsuit // Floppy Hat


The following day, we drove over to Belgrade Lakes to rent a paddle board, and all took turns paddling around the lake. The water was so clear you could see the bottom and I found paddling past loons (literally me) relaxing and fun. I even attempted a handstand, and while it looks good in the photo, I ended up topping over the front of the board, into the water. After my slight fall, I managed to land two more hand stands on the board, not gracefully, I must add.



In planning our day of paddle boarding, I did some online research and only found overpriced rental places. We decided to avoid all of these listed locations and instead go to Castle Island Camps. In addition to paddle boards, they rent kayaks, canoes and motorboats and were extremely friendly and laid back. We will definitely be going back to them in the future and I can’t recommend them enough.


We’re in Maine!


Every July, for as long as I can remember, my parents and I have come up to The Camp in Maine for vacation. It’s so relaxing and there is no pressure to go see or do anything which gives me a chance to read for fun, paint and shoot. While returning to the same place every year can get a bit monotonous, we know what we like to eat, where we like to go, and where we want to return to. On the first day of our trip, we decided to hike up French’s Mountain in Rome. We did this particular hike last year as well (see the post here), but because it was so easy and had such a great view, we decided to go again.


No… She doesn’t bite…


Popover // Shorts // Hat // Shoes