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Little White Dresses

Back when the azaleas were just past peak and the rhododendron had just bloomed, Haley and I went to visit the Kinney Azalea Gardens in Kingston, RI. After visiting last year, I knew I had to return. We coordinated in white lace Lilly Pulitzer dresses and sun hats. I love my hat even more after…

Kinney Azalea Gardens

Yesterday I wandered into azalea heaven. I’d seen pictures of the Kinney Azalea Garden before, but until I arrived I had no idea what to expect. Nothing could’ve prepared me for the gorgeous magnitude of azaleas that I was about to encounter. There were azaleas in every color possible that stretched endlessly through the woods.…

Climbing Columns

Exploring the National Arboretum was the perfect kick off to summer! Ready for warm, sunny days and numerous adventures.   Adventureadventuresazaleasbest friendsc.imbingclimbing columnscolumnsDCfamilyfriendslillylilly pulitzerlilly topnational arboretumparkphotographyphotospinkprinted columnsSpringspring outfitSummersummer outfitsunnytreesWashington, DCwhite jeans